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Canteena Charcuterie & Artisan Cheese Deli

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Canteena Charcuterie
& Artisan Cheese Deli


cheese is served with artisan crackers

charcuterie meat is served with rosemary focaccia

both are served with boretto onions in balsamic vinegar of modena, onion chutney, fire roasted sweet peppers, gherkin & grapes

Charcuterie Meats

Aberdeen Angus Carpaccio

Canteena house made mustard rubbed Angus beef fillet carpaccio, miso chimichurri, micro herbs


Spanish for tenderloin. The pork is marinated in seasonings, air dried for up to 4months to maintain its tenderness


Italian Salt beef, air dried up to 3months until it turns a dark red almost purple colour, it is lean, tender and sweet in flavour

Fennel Salami

Italian inspired flavours, fennel is known to aid digestion and is often used in Italian charcuterie adding a subtle flavour of aniseed

Veroni Napoli Piccante

A salami of ancient tradition, this Napoli salami is unique in its, long aging, intense red colour, spice and black pepper and sweetness to the palate

Prosicutto Crudo

Which translates as ham in Italian is made only from the pig’s hind legs then cured but not smoked

Artisan Cheese

Italian Taleggio

This cheese has a thin crust with a strong aroma, yet its flavour is comparatively mild with a fruity tang

Swiss Gruyere

This Swiss alpine cheese is sweet but slightly salty with a rich nutty taste and firm texture

Barbers Farmhouse Vintage Cheddar

This is one of the only cheddars in the world with PDO-accreditation. Made with traditional starter cultures,18months aged, full bodied and complex with a real depth of flavour

Colston Basset Baby Blue Stilton

This stilton is mellow, deliciously creamy with lovely deep savoury flavours. A delicate spicy tang from the blue veins comes through with a rounded and superb lingering finish

Grandma Singletons Wheel

Made with traditional family recipes this Lancashire cheese matured for exceptional flavour with a rich and creamy texture

The Murcia Al Vino

Also known as the “Drunken Goat” it is a hard yet creamy goats cheese, emerged in wine during its ageing process gives the smooth rind its red colour


1 Item - £6.50

2 Items - £12

3 Items - £16.50

4 Items - £20.50

5 Items - £25

6 Items - £29

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